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24/7 healthcare

Access to health professionals around the clock

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Personalised health from your own office to remote locations around Australia

Healthy & Happy Workplace

Promoting and supporting healthy employees results in more productivity and descreased absenteeism

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Our health experts are all Australian qualified and ensure safe and secure consultations

How can we help?

The cost of workplace absenteeism to the Australian economy now exceeds $32.5 billion* per annum in payroll and lost productivity costs and the average cost to employers is $347* per work day for an employee sick day.

By providing immediate, easy access to GPs, from anywhere, at any time, we can help employers, big and small, to increase staff productivity by lowering absenteeism and reducing lost time. We can provide the platform for your staff to consult with an experienced Australian registered GP via video conferencing or request repeat prescriptions without leaving their desk.

* Absence Management & Wellbeing Report 2015

Doctors on Demand

Doctors on Demand understands the power of a healthy workforce and we can tailor a healthcare solution to provide simple, immediate and personalised healthcare alternatives for your staff.

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Cutting-edge healthcare solutions for your employees. Regional, remote or just busy, Doctors on Demand can help.

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