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Key benefits of the Doctors on Demand platform to your business:

  • Capture the market – reduce leakage – every new script will be returned to the pharmacy that requests it
  • Enhance compliance – the DoD cycle eliminates the gap between when the customer runs out of medicine and when the script is filled
  • Convenience for you and your customers – immediate script delivery following Video Consultation and one-hour turnaround for repeat prescription requests (within business hours)

Doctors on Demand Compliance Summary

  • Our prescribing doctors are Australian registered Medical Practitioners and are on the National Register of Practitioners maintained by AHPRA
  • Our prescribing doctors can be contacted to confirm or query a prescription on 07 3638 9377
  • It is the responsibility of the prescribing doctor to ensure they are providing treatment according to recognised therapeutic standards based on the information they have received from the patient.
  • All prescriptions written through the Doctors on Demand portal are provided either:
    • Following a video consultation appointment which allows the prescribing doctor to interact directly with the patient via video, akin to a face to face consultation or;
    • Following a thorough review by the prescribing doctor of a condition specific questionnaire completed by the patient
  • Prescriptions written by the prescribing doctors are either:
    • Handwritten and signed by the prescribing doctor; or
    • Generated by medical practice software, printed and signed by the prescribing doctor
  • Prescriptions are sent by the prescribing doctor via fax and/or email directly to the pharmacy and the hard copy prescription is posted as soon as possible to the pharmacy
  • Where necessary, any PBS Authority number is provided by the prescribing doctor (Authority Required and Authority Required (Streamlined))

Doctors on Demand offers two ways for a pharmacy to be part of our platform:

1. InClinic Subscription Program

  • A Doctor in your Pharmacy 24 x 7 – access to qualified clinicians in your consultation room
  • Dedicated Pharmacy Portal and Dashboard
  • Training, enablement, marketing collateral and hardware provided
  • Available to pharmacies Australia-wide

2. Pharmacy

  • Patients can access your pharmacy as their pharmacy of choice to receive scripts directly
  • Geo-location of pharmacy = potential for new customers to you
  • Retain customers for provision of repeat and owing scripts

Doctors on Demand InClinic Program

The InClinic Program Includes:

  • Android tablet
  • Flexible tablet stand
  • Dedicated Pharmacy Portal and dashboard
  • Online training and enablement
  • Doctors on Demand banner and marketing collateral

InClinic provides you with these benefits:

  • Your customers can access GP advice, diagnosis and appropriate treatment during store opening hours when regular GP may be closed or unavailable for timely appointments enabling you to offer a “doctor in your pharmacy”
  • Assist customers with repeat and owing scripts
  • Increase compliance and medications revenue by having scripts readily available for customers
  • Enables you to compete with after-hours mobile doctor services
  • Differentiates your pharmacy from your competitors

Register your interest in InClinic now:


You can also contact us during business hours (8:30am - 5:30pm) on 07 3638 9377

Doctors on Demand Pharmacy Membership

Membership on our platform includes:

  • Patients can choose your pharmacy as their pharmacy of choice to receive scripts
  • Patients can geo-locate your pharmacy when they enter their residential address prior to accessing our GP consultations or repeat prescription service to receive their script – resulting in new customers for you
  • Guaranteed delivery of hard copy prescriptions to reduce your owing prescription problem
  • For repeat prescriptions, guaranteed two walk-ins for customer to collect their initial supply and later, their repeat or keep prescriptions on file until patient needs their medication
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Register your pharmacy now:


You can also contact us during business hours (8:30am - 5:30pm) on 07 3638 9377